Brad - Urban Themed Shoot

I'd seen some of Brad's work already when he contacted me wanting to do a shoot and was excited at the prospect of working with him.  Brad had wanted to do an urban styled shoot for a while and I already knew a location that would work thanks to a couple of models I'd worked with previously, which was handy as I'd not lived in the area very long!
One of the first shots we did, I intended to keep it in colour as I liked the green brickwork in the background but I often process a black and white version of my colour images just to see how they look....
...and here's the green brickwork, in case you was wondering!
Outside with natural light, sky was just one big white cloud as is so often the case in the UK!
This shot was one Brad's ideas, he wanted get a shot of the watch with himself blurred in the background so we tried a variety of angles, messed around with DoF etc.  By this time the sun had gone down and it was getting pretty dark!

For this shot I used a speedlight through an umbrella and enhanced the watch a little in Photoshop 

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