Emer - Naworth Castle Grounds

This is a photo shoot I arranged with Emer in the grounds of Naworth Castle which is just over the road from where I live.  The main purpose of this shoot was for me to practise lighting a model outside.

I used a 5 in 1 reflector plus a speedlight with shoot through umbrella, all held by my wonderful assistant (wife) Jo who was also making lighting adjustments as required due to my non-ownership of a wireless trigger system at the time!

Emer (Purple Port profile here) was great to work with and had no problem with me trying out various ideas and I'm well pleased with the shots and experience I got from this shoot.
I love this shot!  Emer has a great smile and can produce it on demand!  This was taken right at the beginning of the shoot with the sun setting over.... well, you can see where the sun was, and I got Jo to bounce it back with the white reflector to give a soft light to Emer's face.  A simple shot but one that I'm really happy with.  Taken with the 50mm Prime that got bunged in free when I bought my K-3II which has turned out to be a great lttile lens.
These next two images were taken with the Sigma 30mm 'Art' lens which I picked up in Tokyo (much cheaper!).  More often than not I process in colour with the intention of the image being in colour, then process a black and white version.  I prefered the black and white versions for both of these.
Switched over to the speedlight+umbrella at this point.  Ground was a bit soggy too, good job I'd bought a Shmangle :)
I love smiley photos, and this is another favourite, all this time Jo has been my human light stand and remote.  Being attached with a cable is a bit of a faff but it's a cheap introduction to off camera flash and also a handy backup should your wireless system misbehave.  I still remember when I thought flash photography would always look harsh and unnatural, if you think that's the case pop over to the Strobist and start with 'Lighting 101' (^_^) 
One of the last shots, we were walking back and the sun was setting straight down the end of the single track road that runs past the castle.  Neither the flash nor reflector was used here, the natural light here just looked great and there was enough of it.  I think the Sigma 30mm (45mm equivalent on FF) worked well here too creating a better perspective than the 50mm I had on me would have.

Also wish I'd got Emer to wear her glasses more!...

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