Rachelle - South Shields Beach

Ok, this is the lovely Rachelle.  A very talented model based in the north east of England and is the second model I've worked with.  These shots are from a group shoot day that Rachelle arranged at South Shields beach.

These images represent my first use of Photoshop for retouching, until then I'd pretty much relied on Lightroom.  It was only after wathcing a few Phlearn tutorials that I realised how much I'd been limiting myself, and how much extra work I'd been creating for myself too!
This is literally the first image from the shoot I worked on, I think everything I did was completely new to me!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and was even more pleased when it was picked as a FPI on Purple Port :)
...and this one got picked up for a FPI too!  Well pleased I was!!  Someone was telling Rachelle something potentially amusing so I got my camera ready hoping it would get a reaction!
Rachelle's friend and assistant for the day, the fantastically talented Mr Nelson suggested that we grabbed a few shots of Rachelle having her cuppa by the window, which turned out to be a rather good idea :)
This was one of those times when you see something, try it and it comes out exactly as you pictured. [Airpuch!]
It was a very overcast day so loads of soft light bouncing around, no additional lighting sources were used for any of these shots.  The big windows behind me made for some pretty cool catch-lights too.

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