Sam & Alex - Gateshead and South Shields

After answering Alex's casting call it turned out his girlfriend is also a model, awesome!  They knew a load of great locations so we made a day of it :)
Conveniently some locals had dropped by and painted some backdrops for us to use...!
Another bonus with having two models to work with is that the other can hold a reflector for you (^_^)
This wall had two holes in it, I had two models, perfect!
This is an awesome location, a wall out of camera shot is painted white which allowed for bounce flash.  At this time I still didn't have remote triggers so I was standing on the other side of a window with a cable hanging through to trigger one flash on the left which was optically triggering another to the right making level adjustments a bit of a pain!  I also learnt that whilst grafitti covered walls look great you do need to zoom in and clone out the occasional naughty word :D
For the last location we popped over to Marsden Beach in South Shields.
Did a load of shots just walking along the sand, love this one of Sam.

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