Sunsets over Yanaka

From December 2014 to June 2015 my wife and I lived in Tokyo as part of our 'Big Adventure' and one of the key memories from this time was the view we had from our (really) small apartment in Yanaka.
This was taken shortly after we arrived, thought it would be a one-off so frantically grabbed the camera, bunged the wide angle lens on and got a few shots.  Then closed the window, it was bloody freezing!
This was in April and by then we'd gotten quite used to the impressive sunsets!
This was awesome.  I remember Lightroom was updating on my Surface Pro 2 and I saw that 'merge HDR' had been added, and then I looked out the window and this was going on!  I  quickly grabbed a few bracketed exposures and several minutes later I had my first HDR DNG file, and well impressed with it I was too.

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